"I've been in a rut for a very long time and was unsure about a lot of life decisions that I had to make. I went to Tyler for a card reading one day and without telling him much he began telling me what was going on in my life. I'm very grateful that I met Tyler, if it wasn't for him I would still be struggling over my sense of direction. I am happily on my way in life. Definitely one of the best decisions I've made in life. Thanks Tyler!!!"-Robert​

 I met Tyler at one of the weakest times in my life looking for answers. From the very moment, I met him I was overcome with the most calming energy. During my reading, he brought me closer to my family who passed and helped me open up to my true abilities. I left the reading feeling very satisfied. Tyler is extremely gifted and has a therapeutic quality about him. He is compassionate and empathetic to helping others. He is a true healer! -Sarah

"Tyler is an incredible spiritual healer with the ability to deliver his light through healings or readings.....heck, just being around his fantastic energy lifts you up! Thank you Tyler for sharing your gifts, you have always provided me with invaluable insight and healing." -A


"I first approached Tyler when I was carrying a heavy burden and was in need of a healer. He helped me release my burden and I left our session feeling light and elated. He always seems to be available to offer guidance to me for my spiritual journey, and helps me find my way to those answers that seem out of reach but are often right in front of me. He is incredibly kind, compassionate and helpful and I know I can trust in his guidance because he is teaching me to trust in myself. Thank you, Tyler."-Grace

"I came to see Tyler and I have to say he is such a warm soul that I felt so comfortable right from the minute I sat down.
His cards were absolutely beautiful, and everything he said was so true.  He helped me see that I definitely was on the right path.
I would highly recommend him and I definitely will go and see him again."- Laurie G

"I felt an instant connection to Tyler and when I learned that he did readings, I felt really drawn in my heart to have him do a reading for me. Even though it is not a habit of mine to have people I don't know do this for me! I must say that I was truly amazed by the things Tyler said during the session, I felt how he went to the core of what I needed to hear, and his words resonated deeply with my soulpath. I was astonished particularly by a message from the Hawk that he felt he had to convey, it were almost the same words that I had had in a vision when I arrived in Canada. The whole reading was a revelation as well as a confirmation of the path my heart and soul want to follow. It is amazing how someone can be so close to the truth, so true were, are the things he said. I can really recommend Tyler from the bottom of my heart, only the gifted ones who are in touch with their own true purpose have such a clearness of vision. I am grateful for this reading, the words still resonate with me and are both a support and a guiding message for me. Thank you Tyler, your heart brings healing to people. -Theresa