Heather Psychic



Heather is the founder and owner of Charmed Majick Shoppe and is a natural born psychic, who has over 20 years of experience. She’s a highly accurate professional who can provide direction, clarity and empowerment through her innate ability of “just knowing”. She doesn’t believe in accidents nor coincidence and allows her guides to aid her in hearing truth. By using specific tools like Tarot and Oracle cards she can connect to the higher plane to answer many of your important life questions. Heather is a profound psychic and offers a comprehensive reading. She believes in old Majick and is a witch who routinely practices spell work, rituals and product creation. You will receive truth from what she hears, and she will deliver not just what you want to hear but what your soul needs to move forward. If you are ready for change and movement in your life, Heather is your person, your witch, your key to a door being blown open. 


Tyler James Psychic Medium



Tyler James is committed to the energy that is served when connecting to his clients. He is a true witch, healer and a gifted psychic medium. As a child, he saw into other worlds and spoke with spirits, loved ones, entities, and much more. With his heighten intuition, Tyler James tailor’s each person reading with the assistance of his guides and personal oracle deck in which he created. Allow him to act as a channel for you by connecting to your energy and delivering the messages you need to move forward in your life’s journey. Tyler James provides readings and does custom creations for spell work and healing.